12 Things Your Cat Loves That You Should Know

Do you want to create a stronger bond with your feline friend? Understanding what cats love and need can help build an even stronger connection between the two of you. From catnip to scratching posts, bird watching from windowsills, and cuddles – there are plenty of ways to make sure your furry companion is content and healthy.

This blog post provides you with 12 essentials regarding what your feline loves. Learn these key facts now and discover how easy it is to delight your beloved four-legged pal!


1. Catnip

Catnip is widely considered to be the ultimate treat for cats, providing hours of contentment and entertainment. Catnip is a plant from the mint family that excites most cats with its active ingredient, nepetalactone. When they smell this scent, cats usually become very animated and playful.

Consequently, many cat owners have turned to supply their furry friends with regular catnip fixes as a natural way to keep them entertained during the day. Not only does it provide immense joy to cats, but it can also work wonders on their health and demeanor as they burn up their energy while playing.


2. Playing in boxes or bags

Cats are creatures of exploration and curiosity, loving nothing more than to investigate the world around them. Playing in anything that resembles a box or bag is an irresistible adventure for cats: they love the feeling of being enclosed and taking control of their environment.

Even discovering seemingly mundane items like grocery bags can mean hours of feline fun, with your cat batting and pouncing on whatever lays within it. If you want to take the excitement to the next level, invest in some cardboard boxes or paper bags specifically made for felines – they’ll give your cat an infinite playground to explore!


3. A scratching post or pole

Cats love scratching poles or posts! These posts provide cats with an ideal way to condition their claws, as well as a means to mark their territory; it’s not surprising that cats are instinctively drawn to scratch on anything they can. When cats scratch on horizontal surfaces like floors and furniture, owners can be hesitant because of the damage it does.

It is helpful for those kitties if their owners can provide them with a post dedicated to scratching to reduce the amount of damage done. With proper training and understanding, both humans and cats can coexist together peacefully in a shared living environment.


4. Bird watching from a window sill

Bird watching from your window sill can be a wonderful activity for both you and your cat! As you gaze out the window and search for feathered friends, you may be surprised to discover how much your cats love being included in this activity. Not only does it provide a great source of mental stimulation, with all the movement and action of the birds, but cats love seeing something outside to focus on as well.

Bird watching can help keep your cat entertained without presenting physical risks that come with letting them out of the house, so why not give it a try?


5. Sunbathing by a warm window

There is nothing quite like sunbathing by a warm window to make a cat happy. The fuzzy feline can just lay in the sun and relax, while they hang out, taking in all of their favorite smells floating through the air and dozing off with a purr.

Thanks to their fur coats, cats often love heat and can generally be found hogging any warm spot in your home – such as basking in front of a sunny window!

Even during colder months, many cats still hit the windowsill for some luxuriating vitamin D from Mother Nature.


6. Soft bedding and cozy spaces to sleep

When it comes to snoozing, your cat loves nothing more than finding a super soft and cozy spot in your home. Creating a space that’s as comfy for your furry friend as possible is essential for their well-being.

If you want to give them the restful sleep they deserve, stock up on plushy pillows and blankets; this will provide more warmth and comfort. It’s also important to clean their bedding often so they can continue to relax in a hygienic environment.


7. Toys that simulate hunting behaviors such as laser pointers, feathers, or balls

Cats are playful creatures who jump, pounce, and romp as part of their natural hunting instinct. To facilitate this instinct, cats love to hunt simulated prey such as laser pointers, feathers, and balls. Not only does this provide cats with the ability to exercise their inborn talents, but it also keeps them entertained for hours on end.

Seeing our beloved cats diving onto a feather or chasing after a toy can be tremendously fun; toys that promote hunting behavior are not only beneficial to cats, but they can also be a source of joy for their owners.


8. High places for perching and exploring

Cats enjoy the bird’s eye view that high places, like window sills and the tops of furniture, can offer up. From these perches, cats can survey their environment and observe what is happening in their home. Not only do cats love to just sit and watch from above, but they also use these surfaces to track prey and then come back for it later.

With cat trees, shelves and hooks now available specifically designed for cats to access higher elevations with ease, your feline friend won’t have to stop climbing anytime soon!


9. Companionship with other cats and humans

Cats have often misunderstood creatures; while they may look aloof and independent, they naturally crave companionship or social interaction. It is no surprise then that having other cats around, or even a human companion, is one of the things cats cherish most – studies show that cats kept in social groups tend to be much more content.

Moreover, cats can form deep bonds with their humans over time and learn to rely on them for affection, care, and reassurance. Ultimately, when it comes to companionship love and security – both with other animals and humans – are two of the greatest gifts you can give your cat.


10. Grooming time with brush or comb

Spending some quality time with a brush or comb can be one of your cat’s favorite activities! Brushing and combing help distribute natural oils, reduce hairballs, and promote healthy skin and coat.

Not to mention, it’s a great way for cats to bond with their owners! If your cat is feeling extra affectionate after the session, hugs, scratches, and dedicated playtime are great ways to reinforce the positive experience.


11. Treats such as wet food, tuna, salmon, or chicken

Treating your cats to wet food, tuna, salmon or chicken offers dozens of benefits. It not only provides the animals with the necessary vitamins and minerals but also entices them to engage in more physical activity. By adding high-quality treats to their daily meals, cats stay physically and mentally healthy and active.

Wet food treats do more than just satisfy your cat’s cravings; they can also improve oral health by scrubbing plaque off their teeth and removing bacteria from the gums. Treat your beloved feline to something tasty today!


12. Quality lap time and cuddles with their favorite person

Cats are complex creatures and loving a human can be hard for them; but when they do, it’s something special! They love nothing more than spending quality lap time with their favorite person and cuddling up during their nap time or whenever the opportunity arises.

Make sure to show your kitty some extra TLC if they shower you with affection – they will surely return the favor!


In conclusion

Knowing these 12 things your cat loves and understands can help build a stronger bond between you two. Our feline friends are highly intelligent animals with unique behaviors and habits. While cats may seem quite independent, they also need love and attention from their humans just as much as any other type of pet.

By understanding the nuances of our furry companions, we can create a more meaningful connection with them. A bond built on mutual trust and understanding will ensure that both you and your cat lead happy, healthy lives together!

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