8 Reasons Why Cats Bring You Toys and What You Can Do About It

Having a pet cat can be a rewarding experience, and one of the more endearing traits of cats is that they will bring you toys as gifts. Whether it’s a furry mouse or a pom-pom ball, this behavior is often indicative of a strong bond between owner and pet. But why do cats bring you toys?

In this article, we’ll explore some of these reasons and provide tips on how to respond when your cat brings you a toy. We’ll also provide advice on what types of toys are best suited for cats and how to handle dead animals or inappropriate items your cat may bring you as gifts.


1. To Show Their Affection For You

Cats show their affection for their owners in many ways, but one of the most endearing is when they bring you toys. From a simple piece of string to an entire collection of mice figurines, cats use these things as a way to express their love.

While cats may not be able to physically express their adoration, they are able to demonstrate it by proudly presenting the items they have gathered. This type of behavior is seen in both domestic house cats and wild felines; they take great pleasure in bringing back items that make them feel proud.

We may never understand why our felines feel the need to bring us objects as gifts – but we love them all the same! It’s a reminder to cherish every moment with your furry companions and appreciate all the little gestures that show your pet truly cares.

To Show Their Affection For You


2. They’re Testing Your Reaction

Have you ever noticed that cats often love to bring you toys? It may seem like a random or illogical behavior, but the truth is that cats are actually testing your reaction.

They want to know if they will be rewarded for bringing you this “present”. This curiosity is the driving force behind why they engage in this type of behavior and it is important to encourage it with positive reinforcement.

When your cat brings something to you, make sure to give them praise and show appreciation – regardless of their intended purpose – so they keep coming back with new gifts for you!

They’re Testing Your Reaction


3. They Want Attention

Cats are curious creatures who crave attention. Bringing you toys is one way for them to get you to look their way or even initiate playtime with them!

It’s important to recognize this behavior and never ignore your pet when they bring something to you, as this may result in the cat feeling unappreciated and neglected.

By responding positively to your cat’s offering, you are telling them that their gesture was noticed and appreciated. This encourages them to continue bringing items as gifts and strengthens the bond between the pet and the owner.

They Want Attention


4. They’re Bored and Need Stimulation

Cats, just like humans, can get bored or need more stimulation in their environment. If your cat is not being challenged mentally and physically enough, it may start to exhibit odd behaviors such as bringing you toys.

It’s important to provide cats with plenty of activities to keep them entertained and engaged. This can include interactive toys, foraging activities, playtime with other cats, or supervised outdoor exploration.

They’re Bored and Need Stimulation


5. To Give You a Special Gift

Many people have a special bond with their cats, and it’s not unusual for a feline best friend to bring gifts back home. While it may seem strange, there are actually some strong reasons why cats bring you toys and other small items from elsewhere.

In the wild, cats often present prey as an offering to their owners. Domestic cats often don’t understand the difference between a cute toy and real-life prey; so, when they find something interesting, they want to bring it home as a gift for their beloved family members.

Of course, this could also be interpreted as just cats being curious about the world! To them, bringing something home is like sharing an exciting discovery or adventure with those closest to them – which can make receiving one of these special gifts even more meaningful.

To Give You a Special Gift


6. Hunting Instinct is Still Present

Cats are known for their innate hunting instincts and are often seen ‘pouncing’ on their toys as if they were stalking prey. It is believed that cats bring their human owners toys because they instinctually see them as their companions and huntmaster.

Cats often like to show off their natural abilities and providing you with ‘captured’ prey is one way they can express this in the comfort of their own home. When giving you a toy, cats may even pretend to have put up a fight during the capture, tugging against its ‘resistance’ as if true prey had been captured in its claws.

Hunting Instinct is Still Present


7. They Are Seeking Your Approval

Cats are creatures of mystery and unexpectedly generous gifts. Oftentimes, cats will bring their owner’s toys for no apparent reason. While it may seem perplexing, the truth is that cats are looking for approval from their owners – a sign to them that they are doing something right.

They may have been curious about what caught their eye and decided to pick it up as a way of connecting with their person. Or they could just be trying to make you happy and give you something to appreciate. Regardless of the underlying reasons why cats bring their human presents, it’s always an endearing gesture that signifies the felines’ trust in the relationship between them and their owner.

They Are Seeking Your Approval


8. They Are Playing “Keep Away”

Cats are incredibly curious and intelligent animals, and they love to show their affection with toys. That’s why it’s so common for cats to bring their humans their favorite playthings like a plush mouse or a crumpled-up paper ball.

And if you’ve ever troubleshot toys from your cat, chances are you were playing “keep away” with them by tossing them across the room and allowing your furry friend to chase it down. It simulates hunter/prey behavior and allows your cat to burn off pent-up energy in a way that feels natural to them – plus, cats also just enjoy being able to spend special time with you!

They Are Playing “Keep Away”


What To Do if Your Cat Brings You Toys

If your cat is bringing you toys, then there are a few things you can do to help encourage their behaviors and make it more fun for both of you.

What To Do if Your Cat Brings You Toys

What To Do if Your Cat Brings You Toys

1. Show Them Appreciation: Show your cat that you appreciate them by rewarding them with treats or affection when they bring you something. This reinforces their positive behaviors and encourages them to keep bringing you gifts.

2. Choose Appropriate Toys: Make sure that the toys your cat brings you are safe, such as soft plush items or lightweight balls. Avoid hard objects like rocks or sticks which could injure your pet’s mouth and paws.

3. Discourage Dead Animals: Cats may bring you dead animals they catch in the wild, which is usually not desirable behavior. To discourage this habit, make sure to keep your cat indoors and provide plenty of toys for them to play with so that they don’t need to hunt for prey.

4. Be Consistent: Make sure to respond consistently when your cat brings you something. If they bring you a toy and you ignore it, they may think that the behavior is not appreciated.

5. Play With Them: Spend time playing with your cat and the items they bring you. This reinforces the bond between pet and owner, as well as teaches them how to interact with toys appropriately.

Cats bring their humans gifts for a variety of reasons, whether it’s out of love, curiosity, or boredom. It’s important to recognize and appreciate this behavior, while also making sure that the items they bring are safe and appropriate.


What To Do If My Cat Brings Me Dead Animals or Inappropriate Items as Gifts?

Every pet parent has gone through it at one point — dealing with their cat bringing them, as a present, a dead animal, or something inappropriate. May it be repulsive for us, our cats may think otherwise when they bring us these small tokens of “love”.

The best way to go about such a situation is to not think of it as an insult but as an expression of affection that your cat wants to give you. Refrain from punishing your cat in any way by scolding or physically doing something – Instead, redirect that behavior onto something more appropriate like toys or treats.

As much as possible, acknowledge the effort made by your pet and let them know that their gesture is appreciated. Always ensure to still provide plenty of playtime and activities for your feline friend to stimulate their instincts in a healthy and safe way – this could help reduce unwanted behavior related to hunting or scavenging.

What To Do If My Cat Brings Me Dead Animals or Inappropriate Items as Gifts


What Types of Toys Should I Get For My Cat?

Cats love to explore and play, and having the right toys can make a huge difference in your cat’s happiness. Cats need toys that are engaging and stimulating, as well as those that encourage them to practice their natural hunting behaviors. Here are some tips to help you choose the best toys for your feline friend:

What Types of Toys Should I Get For My Cat?

What Types of Toys Should I Get For My Cat?

  • Wand toys: Wand toys are great for cats because they can be used to simulate hunting behavior. Look for ones with feathers or ribbons that your cat can bat and chase around the house.
  • Puzzle feeders: Puzzle feeders encourage your cat to work for their meal. This type of toy is a great way to provide mental stimulation and help keep your cat active.
  • Catnip toys: Catnip toys that are filled with catnip or other aromatic herbs can provide hours of fun for cats. Just make sure to rotate the toys regularly so your cat doesn’t get bored.
  • Interactive toys: Interactive toys, such as laser pointers and remote control mice, are great for cats who like to play but don’t have a lot of space. They can be used as part of your cat’s daily exercise routine and can help prevent boredom.
  • Scratching posts: Scratching posts and cardboard scratching pads are great for cats as they provide both mental and physical stimulation.

No matter what type of toy you choose, it’s important to make sure that it is safe for your cat and can withstand their rough playtime. Investing in quality toys will help ensure that your cat stays healthy and entertained for years to come!


In Conclusion

Cats bring their human toys for many reasons – from expressing affection to boredom or seeking approval. It’s important to recognize and appreciate our feline companions when they give us a gift and make sure that the items they bring are safe and appropriate.

Providing your cat with interactive toys and activities will help keep them active, entertained, and engaged. With the right toys, you can ensure that your cat has plenty of fun and stimulation while building a strong bond with their pet parent.

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