How to Help Your Cat Cope While You’re on Vacation?

If you’re reading this, that means you’re worried about your kitty, and you should be. Cats are not like dogs, and they do not like traveling and changing their surroundings. Dogs are adaptable beings, and they just love being around their owners. With cats, that’s not the case.

You probably already noticed that your cat leaves you alone most of the time unless it’s hungry. That’s because cats are self-reliant animals.

But, and this is an important ‘but’, that certainly does not mean that your cat can survive on its own for a week without your help.

When you’re planning a vacation, it might be a good idea to make preparations for leaving your cat at home.

Ask for Help

There’s no shame in asking for help when leaving a cat alone for a week.

Your friends, especially those who also own pets will not turn down a chance to help a cat in need, so to speak.

Someone should stop by and check how your cat is doing every three days or so.

That person should refill its water (in case you don’t have a water fountain; if you are looking to buy one here are our top picks) and food.

Cats are solitary animals, but who doesn’t like being petted, especially after three days of solitude? That’s right, no one.

The person you choose for this important task should be someone who’s already familiar with your cat.

A stranger will likely scare the cat, and that’s not good for your kitty’s health.


Leave the Doors Open

No, not the doors of your home, of course. Just the doors inside the house.

Put a chair or some other furniture at the doors in order to keep them from closing. If you don’t do this, there’s a big chance that you’ll cut off your cute furball from its source of food and water.

Let Your Cat Play

One might think that cats are content with sitting around and hating the world all day long, but that’s not the case. That’s exactly why you should leave some cat toys around your house to keep your pet occupied.

Leaving your worn clothes around the house is also a good idea. That way your cat will still smell you, and it will not lose the sense of security it has when you’re around.

AC Unit

Leaving the AC unit on or off is always a tricky question for cat owners. Can cats get sick from air conditioning? There’s no definite answer. If you’re going on a vacation during winter, then, by all means, leave the heating on.

If you’re vacationing in summer, then it all depends on your cat. If you have an old cat, you might want to consider turning the AC unit off because old cats have a slower metabolic rate. If your cat is in prime condition, so to speak, then turned on AC unit shouldn’t present a problem.



In recent years a number of catteries or cat hotels showed up around the globe. As a last minute solution they’re not bad at all, but keep in mind that not every cat loves spending its time with other cats.

The Conclusion

The best thing you can do for your cat is to get her a substitute for you. A friend who’ll check up on your cat at least every third day is always a better choice than anything else.

If you’re leaving the city for just a day or two then leaving more bowls filled with water and food around the house is fine, but if you’re going on a long vacation, asking a friend for help is still the best solution.

Bonus tip: Don’t forget to tell your friend to clean the litter box regularly unless you want your house to smell when you get back home. Or just get an automatic cat litter box.

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