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Things You Can Do to Improve the Chance of Cat Pregnancy

Things You Can Do to Improve the Chance of Cat Pregnancy

Discovering your cat is pregnant is a wonderful feeling. After all, kittens are adorable, and caring for them is hard but rewarding.

Less than 10 percent of cats get pregnant as a result of a planned event. Most of the time they just find their perfect mate while they’re in heat, and after 65 – 67 days your house is full of cute furballs.

At about six months of age, every cat that’s not spayed will come in heat; there’s no doubt about that. A cat in heat becomes vocal and starts attracting any nearby male to mate with.

If your kitty doesn’t come in heat at that time, don’t start worrying immediately. Some cats simply need more time to develop.

However, if your cat doesn’t come in heat even after 9 months, then you need to take her to a veterinarian. Maybe your cat is infertile, or maybe she just needs something little extra that will spur her development.

Getting pregnant

In general, happy cats have a much greater chance of getting pregnant.

So, what exactly is a happy cat?

The answer is rather simple – A happy cat is a cat that’s well fed, that has her own personal spot in your apartment, and a clean litter box.

Some cat foods are simply better than others because they have all the necessary ingredients that any cat needs. This doesn’t mean that you should always buy the most expensive food on the market.

You just need to know what to avoid, and those are these ingredients:

  • Food dyes
  • Rendered fat
  • Wheat gluten
  • Corn gluten
  • Ethoxyquin
  • Propylene Glycol
image of a cute kitten

If your cat is perfectly healthy, but it’s still not pregnant, you can increase the chance of that happening by making sure she’s always around a fertile tom or something that tom’s been in contact with.

Some people want their cat to mate with a certain tom, but for one reason or another, they just seem uninterested in each other when they put them in the same room. That happens because cats need to be relaxed and to feel entirely comfortable. In that way, they’re similar to humans.

Start by bringing a pillow or a blanket in your apartment on which a fertile tom has been and let your cat get used to this smell.

After a couple of days bring that tom to your house and let them get to know each other. This works best if you can keep both of them in the same house for a couple of days.

Your cat will be nervous at the beginning of this process, but so will tom, so be patient with them.

image of a cat and her cub


In short, always feed your cat with quality foods, let her take her time to get to know her ‘’lover’’ and get out of their way.

If luck allows it, after a couple of days, they will mate, and your kitty will become a proud mom. Don’t hurry this process and don’t try to do anything by force. Let nature take its course.

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Things You Can Do to Improve the Chance of Cat Pregnancy

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