What Are the Smartest Cat Breeds? 13 Most Intelligent Cat

Cats are known for their intelligence and ability to solve problems. While all cats have a smart streak in them, some cat breeds are definitely more intelligent than others.

This article takes a look at the top 13 smartest cat breeds that stand out from the rest in terms of problem-solving abilities and general cleverness. Each breed has its own unique traits of intelligence and it’s fascinating to learn about how these cats think and behave.


1. Siamese

The Siamese cat is a breed that has long been prized for its intelligence. It is curious and can quickly learn to do tasks, as well as quickly figure out the behavior of its owners. Siamese cats often show signs of providing assistance or performing a task without ever being trained to do so.

These cats think independently and are not afraid to jump into action should their family members be in need. This breed has a natural sense of protection towards their family and they respond well to boundaries if they were established from an early age.

They are often quite vocal as they tend to communicate with their families by meowing or purring loudly. All in all, Siamese cats are incredibly intelligent and make excellent companions for any person or family looking for a pet with lots of love, loyalty, and personality.



2. Abyssinian

The Abyssinian is often referred to as the “thinking man’s cat” for good reason. This breed is one of the most intelligent breeds due to its well-rounded personality and willingness to learn. The Abyssinian is a very social, inquisitive cat that loves attention.

They are always up for a game or challenge to keep them mentally stimulated and occupied. When not playing, they can be found contentedly sleeping or sitting on perches independently observing their surroundings.

This breed also has excellent communication skills like responding with distinct vocalizations when spoken to and even teaching their humans tricks or behaviors they want. All in all, it’s no wonder why this smart and multi-talented breed has been turning heads for centuries!



3. Sphynx

The Sphynx cat is one of the most intelligent cats out there. Known for their large, friendly eyes and bald bodies, it is impossible to pass off a Sphynx as just another breed of a domesticated feline. Not only are these cats stunningly beautiful, but they also possess intelligence far above other breeds.

Their curiosity can be seen in all areas of life – and when combined with their surprisingly sharp memory – it is no wonder why some belief them the smartest cats around! Their loyal, affectionate nature makes them highly desirable to pet owners all over the world who appreciate the companionship provided by such a special breed.

Unlike other cats, Sphynxs have a strong passion for learning, making them ideal candidates for fun and challenging activities like agility training or even basic commands such as ‘sit’ and ‘fetch’ – creating a unique bond between you and your furry companion that goes beyond just a regular cat-owner relationship.



3. Cornish Rex

The Cornish Rex is one of the smartest cat breeds known to man. Its impressive problem-solving abilities, lively temperament, and mindful attitude make it an ideal candidate for a pet. Its intelligence lies in its ability to adapt easily to different environments and learn new tricks quickly.

The Cornish Rex displays its intelligence in many ways, including seeking out interesting objects, using its paws in clever ways, and protecting its owners from potential dangers both inside and outside the home.

This special breed of cat also loves human company; even when alone it will often find ways to interact with people by playing games or engaging with objects that they left behind. The Cornish Rex never ceases to amaze the way it thinks and behaves!

Cornish Rex


4. Bengal

Bengals are a curious, distinctive breed of cat renowned for their intelligence and high energy levels. they have the looks of wild cats, with their golden spotted coats and magnificent striped marking, but with the nature of domestic cats.

These cats are exceptionally loyal to their owners and love exploring their environment – much like dogs! They are also highly trainable due to their intelligence, enabling them to learn advanced tricks and commands which many other breeds cannot achieve.

Bengals are also known for their vocal chirps and purrs, which can be quite loud compared to other cats. They usually prefer playing with humans rather than toys, so it is important to keep them entertained with interactive activities. If you want to get the most out of your Bengal, there are a few things you need to know about this breed.



6. British Shorthair

The British Shorthair is an iconic and beloved cat breed, known for its large size, thick fur, and gentle demeanor. But even more impressive than its good looks and calm demeanor is this breed’s intelligence. British Shorthairs are highly trainable cats that can quickly pick up tricks and commands like their canine counterparts.

They are also very clever when it comes to problem-solving; they may surprise their owners by opening cupboard doors or figuring out how to get in their cat beds on the highest shelf of the house!

Because of these features, combined with their loving natures, loyal dispositions, and good health, it’s easy to understand why many cat owners consider the British Shorthair to be the smartest breed in the world.

British Shorthair


7. Scottish Fold

The Scottish Fold cat is known for its intelligence, charm, and endearing personality. Considered one of the smartest cats in the feline kingdom, these curious animals think critically and deeply before making decisions. In addition, their behavior is incredibly unique. They are naturally intuitive with an amiable and sympathetic personalities.

They easily become devoted to their owners by taking part in conversations or following them wherever they go around the house. Unlike other cats who prefer solitary lifestyles, a Scottish Fold will enjoy participating in long play sessions with you or your family.

Don’t let that sweet nature fool you though – this breed is also quite a clever problem solver! With a great capacity to learn physical tricks, they can retrieve objects as well as open cupboard doors, provide gentle reminders if their meals are late, and more.

Scottish Fold


8. Burmese

The Burmese cat breed is praised for its intelligence, making it one of the top smartest cat breeds in the world. These cats are known to be highly independent thinkers, and curiosity seekers and can quickly pick up new behaviors – making them a great choice for feline owners looking for an interactive pet.

What’s more, Burmese cats are incredibly affectionate—they thrive on interacting with their humans and like nothing more than cuddling up for a nap in your lap. With their soft voices and gentle temperaments, these cats make wonderful companions who will stay close by your side as you go about your day.



9. Tonkinese

The Tonkinese cat breed is receiving a well-deserved reputation as the smartest cat breed in the world. Known for their intelligence and problem-solving skills, Tonkinese is often described as “old soul” by their admirers.

They have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, are easily trained, and think through situations with impressive acuity. Beyond their smarts, the playful yet independent nature of Tonkinese makes them a great fit for busy family households or avid travelers who don’t have time for constant pet maintenance.

Not only will you be mesmerized by their intelligence and charm, but will also enjoy the fact that they groom themselves daily and get along well with other cats!



10. Maine Coon Cat

The Maine Coon Cat is an impressive breed indeed. Its long fur and large stature make it stand out from the other cats but that’s not all. What really sets these cats apart, however, is their exceptional intelligence.

These cats have equal or greater problem-solving skills than most dog breeds! They can learn commands such as “sit” and “down”, can open certain latches or doors, play fetch, and even recognize their own name!

What’s more impressive is that they are also trainable; given the right amount of patience and persistence, this breed can easily pick up tricks. No wonder they were once believed to be a cross-breed between a cat and a raccoon due to their size and intelligence.

Maine Coon Cat


11. Ragdoll

The Ragdoll cat is an intelligent and affectionate breed that is renowned in the world of feline companions. Their friendly, curious nature and excellent intelligence make them a prime choice for pet parents looking for a smart and loving companion.

Ragdolls are especially good at adapting to different environments; they are sure to keep you entertained with their antics. They have also been known to recognize their own names when called and can often be trained to play fetch or do tricks.

All of these traits combine with the Ragdoll’s natural charm to make them one of the most popular intelligent cats breeds around — no wonder they’re so loved by their owners!



12. American Shorthair

The American Shorthair is widely acclaimed to be one of the most intelligent cat breeds in the world. This breed has been selectively bred for generations by cat fanciers and admired by pet owners for its intelligence, loyalty, and affectionate nature.

One of the reasons why American Shorthairs are so smart is the fact that they excel at problem-solving skills and easily adapt to a variety of environments. Additionally, they are known to have excellent communication skills and will often vocalize changes in the environment or atmosphere right away.

American Shorthair


13. Devon Rex

The Devon Rex is an intelligent breed of cat, renowned around the world for its fluffy fur, huge eyes, and exceptional brain power. Devon Rexes are often said to be one of the most intelligent breeds on the planet due to their incredible problem-solving ability and cooperation with humans trying to teach them tricks.

These cats quickly pick up on new routines and can entertain themselves for hours with interactive play toys. Plus, they tend to bond closely with their owners and show signs of empathy and understanding.

With a charming personality and natural intelligence, most other cats cannot compete with, it’s no surprise that the Devon Rex is considered one of the world’s most beloved cat breeds.

Devon Rex


In Conclusion

Cats are fascinating creatures that come in all shapes and sizes. With so many breeds to choose from, it’s no wonder why some cats have been dubbed “the smartest cat breed”. Each breed has its own unique talents, traits, and personalities – perfect for any type of family or lifestyle.

From the Siamese with their natural sense of protection to the Sphynx with its strong passion for learning, these cats have proven that intelligence and loyalty can make them truly extraordinary. So don’t wait – find your new furry best friend today!

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