how to pick a mobile proxy?

These days, we need to get a lot of things done and manage many tasks. To help take some off our shoulders, many people and businesses create bots. But the bot itself isn’t enough alone. In this article we’ll go over what’s a mobile proxy and how can you choose one.


What’s a mobile proxy

When you create a bot to do some sort of task, like collect data regarding a certain product from as many websites as possible – It could get shut away. How so? These days lots of websites have security checks that eliminate automation activity. And so, when your bot tries to enter the site and gather information – it will be blocked. With a mobile proxy, your bot can use a real IP, and imitate an actual user- so it will not be blocked out of anywhere.

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What should you consider before choosing one

There are lots of companies that sell mobile proxies. Before making a decision, you should consider the following aspects:



One of the most frustrating things is slow internet. Especially when we have a bot work on a network and we need to let it run smoothy, or else we double our workload. Choose a fast network, like 4G and 5G, and assure your work will go uninterrupted.



Just like you are going to gather data from across the web on many subjects, others may do the same and try to reach information about your company’s doings online. Make sure you stay secure by choosing a reliable mobile proxy that will allow you to do your research in private.

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There are a few types of mobile proxies, each made for a different purpose.  Make sure you asses and identify exactly what your company needs and choose the proxy that will best suit you and your company.


Choosing wisely

When it comes to your day to day work, you don’t want any mishaps. To avoid dealing with technical issues and complications, you should choose a mobile proxy provider with experience, knowledge and resources.


In summary

A mobile proxy can enable a world of possibilities for your day to day workflow. You can use your bot to scatter information from all over the internet, collect whatever data you need and promote your business. Choose a proxy that will suit your search purposes, will be reliable and secure, with a fast connection – and head on to your goals.

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