Where can I get zodiac jewelry?

The zodiac has burst back into fashion in the past few years. In popular culture, in fashion, and yes, in jewelry, the next generation to be dazzled by this ancient practice has made the zodiac on-trend once more. And you don’t need to be a religious follower of your Co-Star horoscope to love the style – just head over to www.zodiac-vibes.com to find a design you like. 


What type of zodiac jewelry is available?

Necklaces, rings, and bracelets are all available. The benefit of this style breaking back into fashion is that there are a lot of designs with different aesthetics, meaning there’s tons of choice and something is out there for everybody.

For example, there are colorful, ink-illustration inspired designs which borrow from the aesthetic of tarot cards. There are also engraved designs. If you want something even more minimal, you can go for just the astrological symbol.

In necklaces alone, you can get constellation designs, medallions, or pendants, all of which consist of gold or silver and sometimes incorporate an additional gemstone. Have a browse and see what calls your name.


How do I style zodiac jewelry?

If you’re going for sleek and understated, pick a simple necklace with a thin chain and a petite pendant and let it glimmer subtly whenever it flashes from under your clothes. Some people like a maximalist look, inspired by musical icons from Stevie Nicks to Harry Styles.

For this, take inspiration from different colors and textures – fat signet rings work, as do irregular shapes like rings that don’t close, and different length necklaces with different gemstones are always a bonus. Then, layer them over each other and wear them all at once, with a more is more approach.

The most important thing is to just find a design that you really like, which speaks to you personally. That way, whether you wear it alone or as part of an ensemble, it will become part of your signature look.


Is it okay for men to wear zodiac jewelry?

Yes! A lot of designs are naturally unisex and would fit a person of any gender expression. But for people with a very masculine preference, there are also some items of jewelry made with men in mind.


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