8 DIY Cat Furniture Projects to Spoil Your Kitty

Give your feline friend the royal treatment with these 8 perfect DIY cat furniture projects. From cozy cat trees to stylish scratching posts, these creations will keep your kitty entertained and comfortable. Spoil your fur baby and add a touch of creativity to your home with these delightful DIY projects.

Step into the world of DIY cat furniture, where creativity meets kitty comfort. Providing your cat with their own space and furniture is essential for their happiness. In this blog, we’ll unveil eight delightful DIY projects that will spoil your feline friend. Let’s dive into the world of creative cat care!

1. Cat Tree Tower

Building a cat tree tower is a wonderful way to provide your cat with an engaging vertical space. Start by constructing a sturdy base, typically made from plywood or a wooden board, to ensure stability. Attach a central support post, which can be a wooden post or PVC pipe, securely to the base using screws. To satisfy your cat’s scratching instincts, wrap the post with sisal rope, securing it at both ends with screws or adhesive.

Create perches and hideaways using wooden boards, attaching them to the central post at different heights with brackets. Line these platforms with carpet or soft fabric for comfort, and add cozy bedding for your cat’s naps. Ensure all parts are securely fastened to prevent wobbling and place the cat tree in a location where your cat can easily access it for climbing, scratching, and lounging.

2. Window Perch

Crafting a window perch offers your cat a delightful spot to soak up sunlight and observe the outside world. Start by measuring the width of your chosen window to determine the size of the wooden plank required for the perch. Install brackets beneath the window at a height that suits your cat’s reach and securely attach the wooden plank to these brackets using screws.

Finish by placing soft cushions or fabric on top of the plank to make it comfortable for your cat. It’s crucial to ensure that the perch is level and firmly secured, allowing your cat to safely jump on and off as they please.

3. Cat Wall Shelves

Cat wall shelves are a fantastic way to maximize your cat’s living space vertically. Decide on the layout and spacing of your shelves on the wall. Install brackets and floating shelves at various heights to create a climbing wall for your cat.

Line the shelves with cushions or carpets to make them comfortable and inviting. It’s essential to securely attach the shelves to the wall to support your cat’s weight as they explore and perch on their new playground.

4. DIY Cat Bed

Creating a cozy cat bed is a thoughtful way to spoil your feline companion. Begin by cutting two pieces of soft, washable fabric into the desired size and shape for the bed. Sew these pieces together, leaving an opening to insert stuffing or an old pillow.

Fill the bed with a generous amount of stuffing or a repurposed pillow until it’s comfortably plush. Sew the opening closed, ensuring that it’s secure. To add a personal touch, consider embroidering your cat’s name or decorating the bed with fun patterns. Place the bed in your cat’s favorite snuggle spot for them to enjoy.

5. Cardboard Cat House

A cardboard cat house is a budget-friendly and entertaining DIY project that will delight your cat. Start by cutting openings for doors and windows in large cardboard boxes. Connect these boxes together to create the desired structure, securing them with adhesive or tape.

To make the house visually appealing, decorate the exterior with paint or wrapping paper. Place soft bedding or a cozy blanket inside the cardboard house to make it inviting for your cat to explore and hide in. Cardboard houses are excellent for playtime and offer a sense of security for your feline friend.

6. Cat Hammock

Crafting a cat hammock provides your cat with a comfortable and relaxing spot to hang out. Begin by sewing a sturdy fabric, such as canvas or fleece, into a sling shape. Leave extra fabric on each end to attach to wooden dowels. Install brackets on the wall or a window frame and screw the wooden dowels into these brackets, ensuring they are level and secure.

Hang the fabric sling on the dowels to create a cozy hammock. Your cat will enjoy lounging and gently swaying in this comfortable spot, especially if it’s placed in a sunny location.

7. Cat Scratching Post

Building a cat scratching post is essential to satisfy your cat’s natural scratching instincts while protecting your furniture. To create one, select a sturdy wooden post or PVC pipe as the central support. Wrap the post tightly with sisal rope, securing it with adhesive or screws at both ends. Attach the post to a stable base to prevent tipping.

Cats love to scratch on these posts, keeping their claws healthy and sharp. By placing the scratching post strategically in your home, you can redirect your cat’s scratching behavior away from your valuable furnishings.

8. Cat Tunnel System

Constructing a cat tunnel system offers your cat an interactive and stimulating play area. Begin by connecting cardboard tubes or boxes together, and cutting holes for entry and exit points. This interconnected network of tunnels encourages your cat to explore and engage in games of hide and seek.

Attach dangling toys or feathers inside the tunnels to entice your cat’s curiosity and playfulness. Experiment with different configurations to keep the playtime exciting for your feline friend. Cardboard tunnels are not only entertaining but also provide mental stimulation, exercise, and hours of fun for your cat.


In the world of DIY cat furniture, we’ve explored a realm where creativity and cat comfort intersect. From the ultimate cat tree that satisfies their climbing instincts to the blissful cat hammock that cradles them in relaxation, these DIY projects offer countless ways to spoil your feline friend. By providing your cat with their own space and furniture, you’re not just indulging their desires; you’re investing in their physical and mental well-being.

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