How Long Does a Dog Stay In Heat

A female dog has an experience of heat or estrus for every six months. From the beginning of their life like from six months the process of heating starts in their life. It is the time period that a female dog experience. In this time many hormonal changes happen to a female dog. You will easily know it by their different kinds of activities. In this time they present themselves to male dogs by showing their rump and holding the tail. This heat cycling process continues for the rest of their life. We will discuss here what happens when the heat starts, the signs of heat and what you need to do in this time.


Generally, the heating process starts from six months old of their life. But some giant breeds are different from them. Because their heat process starts when they are 1.5-2 years old. At the time of their first and second cycle do not breed the young female dogs and try to remember this because it is serious advice. They do not have the full maturity and also their eggs are not fully mature yet.


  • You can notice in this time that their vulva is more swollen and they often licking the area.
  • They will be more caring with you and try to get your attention more.
  • In this period time they mostly show themselves to male dogs.
  • They take to attempt to mount some other dogs.


Usually, this process lasts for 2-4 weeks. Sometimes it can be longer or shorter. When their vulva comes to the actual size then the process comes to the end. In this time they can be pregnant also.
What you need to do when they are going to this heating process…..


How Long Does a Dog Stay In Heat

Many female dogs are not much active as some others. Sometimes they don’t show any activity when they go through with this process. It is normal for them. But you should give attention more on them because it is really an important time for them. Don’t give them any hard exercise in this time. You can walk or play with them so that you can see them properly.


During this heating process, the dogs will breed every day. For that reason, the blood will fall on your furniture, wall or carpet. That’s why doggie diapers will help you to solve it.


If you want to prevent the pregnancy of your dog then must stay the male dogs from your dog. Because male dogs can get the smell the heat of a female dog from miles away and it attracts them so much. That’s why you need to keep them away from your dog.
There are various kinds of dog’s house you will get on the market. From our research, we will introduce here some of the best houses for the dogs to purchase. Here is those are…..

Some best dog house for summer

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2. Petmate Indigo W/MICROBAN4.0
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1. Dog Palace Large Dog House by ASL Solutions:

Dog Palace Large Dog House by ASL Solutions
  • Windows and doors are very easy to use
  • Design is really good
  • Window and half of the doors are detachable
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Leaked proof function
  • Materials give a lifetime warranty
  • Upper part door is not detachable

If you love your dog so much and want to take care of it properly then this Dog Palace Large Dog House is one of the best items to purchase. It is specially designed for the dog’s comfort. The features and other functions of this house will give your dog more pleasure. This house has an excellent design with a powerful structure. The walls are made as for dog’s suitable temperature. This will help you a lot to take care of the dog.
The house is designed as for dog’s comfort. It is easy to use. The size is so large in this house which helps a dog to easy stay. They get enough space to stay here. The temperature doesn’t make any damage here. Because the house remains cold when it is a hot season and remains warm when it is cold season.
The doors and windows are easy to use. It gives more comfort to the dog. The door closes automatically and it is easy to push it.
The exterior dimension of this house is 38.5″L x 31.5″W x 47.5″H and its weight is up to 120 lbs. This house is really a useful thing for the dogs. The materials of this house give lifetime warranty that’s why it will ensure you a useful investment.

2. Petmate Indigo W/MICROBAN:

Petmate Indigo W MICROBAN
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Has a unique structure
  • Design is awesome
  • Easy to clean
  • Waterproof materials
  • Can get it in three sizes
  • Doorway gives maximum protection
  • Has some issues with roof ventilation

The Petmate Indigo house is designed as the dog’s comfort and it gives protection when the weather is changing. This house looks like an igloo. It has a unique structure and design. The overall features and technologies make it one of the useful items to use.
The doorway has additional protection that helps to protect your dog from different weather. It also has enough space inside it that helps to easily move around and stay.
This house is made of high-quality plastic materials including the Microban technology. It helps to save the dog and keeps away foul scents. The plastic materials of this house have a waterproof function.
You can get this item in three sizes. This house is very easy to maintain and use. It is a unique dog house that gives maximum comfort to the dogs.

3. ASL Solutions Deluxe Insulated Dog Palace with Floor Heater:

ASL Solutions Deluxe Insulated Dog Palace with Floor Heater
  • Has a self-closing door
  • Very large space inside the house
  • Awesome design
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Made of molded plastics
  • Comes with floor heater
  • Door system is not much good to use

This is a luxurious house for the dog. It has a large space inside the room where a dog can stay easily stay and move around. This house will make sure you that your dog is safe and comfortable. Even the temperature is very rough at the outside but your dog doesn’t feel anything inside of the room of this house.

Because of having insulated feature this will make your dog also cool when it is a warm season. This house is made of molded plastics. It is easy to maintain and clean. The design of this house is so beautiful and it is also very useful to use.


Dogs exercise is so important for their health and activity. It not also makes them healthy but also secures them from many unpredictable problems. Here, we discuss about how much exercise does a dog need and some suitable tools for dogs exercise. Hope this will helpful for you to know how you keep your dog remains healthy by doing exercise.

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