The Benefits of Coloring Pages

Coloring Pages

Coloring pages began initially as a popular childhood pastime. The development of late 19th century printing capability enhanced this popularity and, following this, the use of paint and colored crayons further popularized the genre.

The original designs and patterns were basic, reflecting typical interests of children. Designs such as animals, flowers and toys became popular and have remained so. As educational standards became more sophisticated, coloring pages found a more beneficial place in schooling and techniques for early learning.

The use of coloring pages for health and therapeutic issues also became popular, as the cognitive and rehabilitation benefits were successfully identified. Adult coloring pages also found popularity, reflecting political, advertising and social commentaries.  

century printing Types of Coloring Pages 

The popularity of coloring pages has continued to grow, and the range of types of coloring pages is extensive. The expansion of the use of coloring pages in education and health has added to the availability of the types of pages available, and modern technology have only served to extend the range that is available.

From the initial animal designs and basic patterns, single coloring pages subsequently became available in book form and greater numbers. As an extension to the provision of a simple fun pastime for children, coloring pages were developed that were utilized in education. The ability to support educational learning and growth have seen the popularity of colored pages for learning reflect history, geography, biology studies, amongst many others.

Innovative teaching methods for the special needs sector, specifically autistic children and adults has meant specific types of coloring pages have been designed which encourage imagination, feelings and self-expression.   


Benefits of Coloring Pages

Coloring pages have always been popular for their ability to engage and occupy the youngest of children, but have also found a number of differing beneficial uses. From simple, basic designs that are easy to follow, to more intricate designs for older children, coloring pages encourage creative learning skills and abilities.

Latterly, more diverse, educational coloring books have been developed for graduate level students. Topics such as biology, physiology and geometry utilize color-coding to facilitate understanding of diagrams and layouts.

Health professional have similarly introduced coloring pages within their treatment of patients. These can help with understanding of medical procedures, especially amongst younger children. Even political, satirical and social coloring pages have proven popular amongst adults, and beneficial to those wishing to influence and affect public opinion in a creative fashion. 

Coloring Pages

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