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Best Cat Food to Reduce Litter Box Odor

Best Cat Food to Reduce Litter Box Odor

Are you tired of dealing with a stinky litter box? Of course, you are.

There isn’t a single person on this planet who likes the smell of a dirty box. Even cats don’t like it. Did you know that over 10 % of cats stop using their litter box if it’s too dirty?

If your cat’s litter box is dirty, there’s a big chance that she stopped using it because of that, but there are also many other, more serious reasons for that, so be sure to check whether your furry friend is ill and not just grossed out.

There are numerous ways to reduce litter box odor and to keep your house smelling fresh, and one of those ways is adjusting your cat’s diet.

Who’s to blame?

The pet food industry is just that – industry, and they’re always looking for new ways to profit, even though any potential changes might make little or no sense for cats or any other pets.

The best example of this is dry pet food. This food was not created because of cats, but because of humans. Dry pet food is much easier to store and serve, but it’s not really great for the health of your pets.

The natural diet of all pets is fresh and raw, not crunchy, dry, and removed from a bag.

image of tired cat taking a pause from playing

However, some pet foods are designed to reduce the odor, and it can’t be said that everything that the pet food industry is doing is wrong.

Don’t forget to keep your cat hydrated if you’re feeding her with dry foods. Get a cat water fountain if you’re not at home at all times because your cat will certainly often be thirsty.

Experts Recommend – Yucca Schidigera

Yucca schidigera is a desert shrub-tree which can be found in the deserts of New Mexico, California, etc. According to some studies, this plant is able to reduce the odor significantly, if it’s implemented in your cat’s diet.

Many pet food companies are adding this miraculous plant to their dry pet foods, and it seems that the plant is doing exactly what’s promised.

Go organic

Usually, the problem with odors comes from a biologically inappropriate diet. That’s right, some of the additives and ingredients of your cat’s food might not be that good for her.

Switching to more natural, GMO-free, species-appropriate, and balanced, raw diet might just do the trick for your pet, and it might reduce the odor significantly.

If your pet’s diet is healthy, balanced, and completely natural, the fecal odor will not occur at all.

image of Yucca schidigera

Image of Yucca Schidigera – plant often found in pet food.

Source: Plant Lust

Our Personal Recommendation

From our personal experience Royal Canin food seems the best suiting for our cat. Our Russian Blue loves this food and there is a big difference in litter box odor when we try some other food. You should test out different types of food and maybe even get some cat grass to aid your cat’s digestive tract.

Don’t expect miracles

Changing your pet’s diet will not miraculously remove all odors from the litter box. Research and feeding trials have proven that a dog or cat’s gastro-intestinal system may take four to six weeks or longer to adjust to a new food, so be patient.

The Conclusion

In short, the best way to ensure that your adorable little stench generator’s litter box stops smelling bad is to switch to organic and raw foods.

Of course, if that’s not an option, consider switching to grain-free foods. Grain-free foods are expensive, but they’re made from more meat and fewer carbs and are therefore more digestible for cats.

Bonus Tip: Avoid fish at all costs. If your cat loves fish, try feeding it chicken. It’s just as tasty, but your cat’s litter box will smell a lot less.

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I am a passionate pet owner. Cats are my favorites and my cat Jasper gives me inspiration to write great articles.

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Best Cat Food to Reduce Litter Box Odor

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