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5 Tips on How to Reduce and Control Level of Nitrates in Fish Tank

Having an aquarium is far more complicated than you would think. Many people make the mistake of purchasing an aquarium because they believe that there are not many responsibilities and work around it.

Unfortunately, later on, they realize that it is hard work to keep an aquarium in good shape. Some people might say that it is more difficult to have an aquarium than having to take care of your regular pets.

One of the first things that you need to know is that aquariums require regular maintenance to function properly. If you don’t maintain the aquarium regularly, the life inside will die slowly, and you will soon have nothing to look at.

One of the most important things that people forget about is the water quality. It has to be perfect, no matter if it is a freshwater aquarium or not.

The fish and the other living things will not survive in bad water. Therefore, the first thing that you have to balance out in the water is the nitrates. Especially when you have a freshwater tank because fresh water can build up a very high level of nitrates that you have to lower.

Change Water Regularly

The first and most simple way you can bring back balance to your tank is by changing up water inside the tank. That is probably the safest way to clean your water inside the aquarium completely. However, this will require a lot of your time, and when you have a big aquarium, this can be a whole day job.

That’s why this is probably not the best way to do it; you can find other solutions that will solve your problem with nitrate levels. Of course, we are not saying that you should never change the water in your tank, just that it is not the smartest thing to do every time your water is out of balance.

Adding Live Plants

The freshwater aquarium cannot hold corals and other things that you can find in the sea, but it can hold a lot of various live plants. Those plants are not there just for the looks, that’s why you should not buy fake plastic plants because they will just take up the room in the aquarium and do nothing. When you buy regular live plants for the tank, you will have various benefits from it.

image of live aquarium plants

First of all, they are far more beautiful than fake plants, and they are moving with the water plus your tank will have a much realistic look. Another great thing why you should purchase live plants is that they will consume the nitrates from the fish tank.

Therefore, if you have nitrate problems in your tank, the water is becoming green and algae’s start to grow the best thing is to invest in live plants that will naturally clear up those extra nitrates from the fish tank.

Reducing Fish Population

The biggest mistake that inexperienced people do is put too much fish in their tanks and that is resulting in nitrate overload inside. That is happening because fish waste is one of the things that are responsible for the increase of nitrates in the aquarium.

Therefore, if you have too much fish for your tank size, there will be a lot of waste that will make nitrates, and your aquarium will be green in no time. If you see the first signs of the high level of nitrates in your water, then immediately reduce the fish population in your tank.

reduce number of fish in one tank

If you don’t want to reduce the population, then you have another option, and that is to buy a larger aquarium where all those fish can live normally.

Regulate Feeding

Feeding the fishes in your tank is of course very important, food is what is keeping them alive. However, the food can also kill them if you are giving them too much. That’s why it is essential that you know exactly how much food to give each day.

Some fishes will eat so much food that they will become overweight and die, or the other thing that can happen from too much food is that the extra food will pollute the fish tank and help the nitrate levels to rise inside the reservoir. Therefore, if you want to have a healthy fish tank, you have to take good care of it, and you must know certain things such as how much food they require daily.

Nitrate Removers

If you are looking for a quick and efficient way to remove the nitrate levels from the water, then your only choice is to buy nitrate removers. They are the fastest working method that you can find, and it doesn’t require you to clean up the entire tank.

These nitrate removers are not harmful to the living things inside the aquarium, so you don’t have to worry about that. These substances are specially designed to clear out the water and leave it crystal clear.

The great thing about these removers is that they don’t remove only the high nitrate levels, but they also clear the water from other common problems that can appear in a fish tank.

The previously mentioned methods for lowering the nitrate concentrations in the aquarium are good, and they all work, but not one of them can have such fast working effect like the nitrate removers.

The Conclusion

If you end up using nitrate removers, you have to be careful because this is a potent substance that can harm your fish tank. Even if it is specially designed not to harm any living things, it can have some adverse effects if you put too much of it. That’s why it is crucial that you read the instructions carefully and add the nitrate remover correctly to avoid any issue.

Once you try out the nitrate removers, you will be extremely pleased with the results because the water will be crystal clear in short time. When you have added the nitrate removers, we suggest adding more live plants that will prevent from nitrate levels to rise again.

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