4 reasons you’ll need an American notary

Notarization can be a tricky process. But there’s no need to feel anxious about it – though important, a lot of the complexity can be taken away through an experienced notary like Rachel Schacher, 


First thing’s first: what do we mean by an American notary?

The term “American notary” is something of a misnomer when used abroad. Local notaries may use it to attract clients, showing them that they can handle the notarization of documents for U.S use. But in fact, the notary would not be licensed to practice in the U.S, nor would it help if they were – American notaries are unable to work outside of the bounds of their state.

An American notary in Israel is actually a local notary who has an understanding of how to convert their notarized documents for official American use. Alongside notarizing your contract or document, they will overlook the process of sending it for authorization at the Ministry of Justice, and helping it reach the U.S title companies according to their instructions.

American notary All the reasons you’ll need an American notary

  • To avoid wait times. The alternative to using an American notary is to book an appointment with the Embassy. This carries the risk of an overly long waiting time, which may have an impact on whether your document is in debt or useful. By contrast, notarizing through an American notary can take as little as a few hours.
  • As a more affordable option. The only extra alternative other than the Embassy is to fly into the U.S. The price of using a notary in Israel is regulated by the Ministry of Justice, and while it may not include everything you need – for instance, translations or extra certification – you may be able to maintain a modest cost by going through this route. For example, a simple authorization of a signature falls at just under 200 Israeli shekels.
  • To entrust your business to the best. Israeli notaries are highly qualified, with years of legal experience and special certificates. Your documents deserve nothing less.
  • To take the stress out of bureaucracy. To the layman with no experience of the US or Israeli legal system, it can be hard to navigate the notarization of documents. Even just knowing what you need to do can be complicated. If you are also under time pressure, or another constraint, this process becomes even harder. Consulting with an experienced notary can simplify matters and point you in the right direction.

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